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Let me introduce myself, I am Roxane Rinard.  What do I do? I care. 

Odd way to start a business home page I know, but hear me out.  I enjoy helping businesses. Each business is unique and I love to start by listening to what the business goals are, where the business is currently and where the current challenges lay. Then I consider my skill set and how I can help the business reach their goals.  I work with one or two businesses at a time.

What is my skillset?  

In english:  My 10+ years of web development have taught me how to use Google, images and social media to specialize in meeting three major goals for most businesses: capturing interest, helping websites bring visitors back again and again and of course drive traffic from online websites to their business.

In geek, 10+ years of web development, degree in software engineering, business option, media art minor, professional commercial photographer, professional 360° commercial photographer, 107 licensed and insured UAS pilot, Google Trusted Photographer, Google Trusted Verifier, Google Local Guide.  I manage several social media sites, for example Arlee Montana (Arlee Montana has a population of 600, we have over 3,500 Facebook Fans).    

Services Offered

The Results

I will let Jessica Kimmel be my voice here.  

 Please check the Case Study page to learn more.  

Long Term Goals

The long term goal is have business be as independant as possible. All of the virtual tours are hosted on the Developing Wings server.    

Samples of my work

My goal is not to promote my business.  I perfer to spend my time promoting the communnities I help and my clients.  If you are interested in exploring some 360 virtual tours please explore these links:



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