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Welcome to Caras Park - Missoula Montana

Did you know that you can rent Caras Park?  To help Caras Park share what you can rent we created a virtual tour of the park, empty and during an event.  The next goal is to add Missoula Downtown Association member's virtual tours to this page as well.  For example all the Missoula Downtown Association Members can be under Where to Eat, Where to Shop.....

This tour was created from 12 panorama images and contains embedded image links to the Missoula Downtown Association website.   

Another Embedded Tour Example

Explore the Iris Gardens at Fort Missoula.  This is a embedded virtual tour of the gardens in the summer of 2016.  

The Process

360 panorama images are created with a special camera and tripod.  We schedule a time to photograph the location, we can take pictures when people are in the facility or we can schedule a convenient time.  Once the images are taken we return to the office and blend them images together to create a 360 panorama.  We now call them panoramas, and they can be used in a variety of ways.  

  • Individually
  • Linked together as a tour
  • Google Virtual Tours on Google Maps (If the business qualifies) 
  • Embedded Tour on a website
  • Shared tour that can be 'walked through' on Facebook

There are 14 panoramas in the tour of Ewam and the Garden of a Thousand Buddhas.  Our tour and includes a map of the gardens. The menu on the left works on laptops, tables and cell phones.. 

  • A walk through tour of the iris gardens available 365 days a year 24/7.
  • Sharable on Facebook
  • Can be used with a virtual headset
  • Sponsors can be added
  • A Map can be added
  • Icons can be changed per tour
  • The Share link allows users to share the virtual tour to pre-defined social networks or by email. Visitors can share their special photo of the tour to a variety of social medias.  
  • Buttons at the bottom offer the viewer options to visit other sites of interest.
  • The i button on the menu is for information.  This button can display information about the tour on the main page, and then information about each panorama.  

Website Integration

Our virtual tours can include webpages, video and images from your website.  Changing the tour information can be as easy as updating the webpage.  


  • Embedded you tube video can be seen here.  
  • Embedded seamless video can be seen here
  • Simple fire tower virtual tour can be seen here


Tracking how users interact with the tour can be seen through Google Analytics
We also offer Piwik Analytics.

Google Street View Example

The St Ignatius Mission is an example of a Google Tour.  This tour can be embedded on any website world wide.  The options are limited.  The tour cannot be 'walked through' on Facebook.  
Google Street View offers each business that has a store front open to the public a FREE business listing with a map.  Online businesses can have a business listing, but they do not qualify for a virtual tour.  The listing includes the business name, location, hours etc.  To learn more about the business listing please visit our page.

Grouping Tours

Virtual tours are powerful advertising tools.  We can group multiple tours together. We offer two ways to group tours.  Custom projects are available.  

  1. Adding multiple tours within one tour.  An example in progress would be Caras Park in Missoula Montana.  Members of the Downtown Association can be part of their tour.  
  2. Creating a website with search engine optimization for grouping tours.  This works well for grouping any topic such as where we group all the Missoula Montana tours.  


Pricing is done in stages depending on the business needs.

  1. Photography - HDR Panorama Images or normal panorama images. 
    We do offer  discounts for seasonal virtual tours and for non-profits.  Ask to see if your business qualifies.
  2. Google Street View - For qualifying businesses   -  we can verify Google Business Listings
  3. Embedded Tour - Embedded Tours can be hosted on your website or ours.  
    The cost per tour depends on the amount of information that needs to be embedded into the tour.  
    Embedded tours are priced per project. 
  4. Hosting: Hosting is required for embedded tours.  
  5. Facebook Integration - Offered to embedded tours hosted on our servers. Our servers meet Facebook standards which allows the Facebook user to 'walk through' a tour.