Tamaracks Resort
90 Day Case Study

The most important factor is “On the Ground” results. Tamaracks Resort has a standing rule, the guest in front of you is helped before phone calls.  In one day they had over 27 messages from phone calls that came in while they were talking with guests.  
By the time they had returned those phone calls, they had 3 more messages.  The boat house, next to the dock, pulled in record sales.  
They more than doubled the expected amount. The phone is ringing, guests are talking about the 360° Virtual Reality Tour, the live webcam and the fun posts from Tamaracks Resort. The 360° Virtual Reality Tour is keeping people on the website longer. There were over 162,000 actions (clicks) as people created their own path through Tamaracks Resort
Tamaracks Resort is having a successful 2018 season!

Tamaracks Resort
360° Virtual Reality Tour
90 Day Case Study

  • 1,626 Visits to the 360° Virtual Reality Tour

  • 5 Minutes 19 Seconds Average Visit
    Average time on a website is less than 1.5 minutes

  • 88% Of Visitors Stayed and Explored Another Panorama
    Usual bounce rate is 50%

  • 57.8 Actions Per Visit

  • 0.35 Seconds Average Generation Time

  • 162,108 Actions (Clicks)


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