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C Thomas Hoff

Job Description:

CThomasHoff, Chris Hoff, is a fantastic photographer and mason. We have created two websites for Chris. is dedicated to his exceptional photography. In addition to his website, we have created fliers and posters for his photography work and helped him set up his Facebook page. 

Chris knew photography and masonry, but needed help understanding his Mac, Photoshop and how to create his own posters. We created Photoshop templates for his sports photography posters, and showed Chris how to streamline creating posters, saving time.

Client Since: November 2009

Developing Wings, Inc.

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What We Do


Developing Wings is a professional web consulting and design company.  We specialize in website design, graphics, corporate identity, and marketing on the Internet and in print. 


Our educational business-driven approach separates us from a typical web design companies.  For more than ten years, we have built a reputation for helping our clients understand their computer and creating a positive return on their investments. If you are serious about your web success, we can get you there.


Our community service sites for Arlee and St. Ignatius have allowed us to help small communities learn how to use computers, understand more about and leverage the Internet.


Strategic thinking, media design, personal attention, competitive prices, real world results – call us and start Developing your Internet Wings today!


The Proof


Go to Google and do a search for – Arlee Montana- and you will find that Arlee Montana community website ranks consistency within the top three...and we can do that for you!


SEO - Search Engine Optimization


We can take you to the top, but we also give you the tools to help fly the Internet yourself. From how to work with your website, to keyword searches, we work with you to keep you on top.


If you want to Develop Wings - we can help. If you want to hire us to do it for you, we can do that as well.