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Update May 13, 2022

The Lake County Planning Department recommending that the Lake County Commissions deny the subdivision.  We will post the next meeting date as soon as we know more.

About the Subdivision 

Mike Bauer of Sixty-Two Avenue, LLC, subdivider, and Sean Amundson of 406 Engineering, Inc., professional engineer, on behalf of William John Armstrong, are proposing 3 major subdivisions in Arlee for a total of 99 new homes along Pow Wow Road.  The current population of Arlee is 720 (According to the 2020 census).  If all three subdivisions are approved and each home held 2 people, the population of Arlee would grow by 27.5%.  The subdivisions would impact Arlee in a variety of ways, including such services as water, sewer, roads etc.  Below are links to the subdivision documentation.  They are large files and will take time to download.

In discussion with Rob Edington, a member of the Lake County Planning Department Staff, Developing Wings learned that these subdivisions need approval from several areas: 

  • Montana Department of Environmental Quality
  • Arlee Water and Sewer District
  • Board of Lake County Commissioners 

The Lake County Planning Board must process any requests to them whether or not the listed boards recommend or disapprove the proposal.  For example, if the Arlee Water and Sewer District denied approval the Lake County Planning Board would still have to hold public meetings and process the request.  According to Mr. Edington, this is state law.  There will be more public meetings and or hearings involved in the process.  Lake County Environmental Health and Water Quality Board does not hold open meetings. The Lake County Planning Board gathers the relevant information during their public meetings and submits it to the Lake County Environmental Health and Water Quality Board.

Lake County Planning Board Meeting Time

The Lake County Planning Board will hold a public meeting Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 7:00 pm in the large conference room (Room 316) of the Lake County Courthouse. The public and attend through ZOOM* or in person. During this meeting the board will take public comments. They also have asked to have written questions by May 2, 2022. 

Submitting Questions

The time for written submissions has passed.  Questions now need to be asked during the meeting.  

Please note: If you would like to attend the public hearing via ZOOM, please contact the Planning Department at  or at (406) 883-7235 prior to the meeting to receive instructions regarding how to attend the meeting virtually.   

* This is to the best of Developing Wings understandings.  

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