Embedding a Google Virtual tour on your website is easy.  Our video tutorial will walk you through the steps to find the code needed.  

  1. Google the business name, city and state
  2. When you see the business card on the left, slick on the MAP, not the virtual tour.
  3. In the map, on the lower left is the 'inside' tour.  Click on it.
  4. Now in the upper right corner there will be a black bar, on the far right side of that bar is 3 dots.  Click on the dots.
  5. This area allows us to define what we want to do with our link.  We can...
    • Get a shareable link.
    • Get a user friendly (shorter) shareable link
    • Embed an image
  6. Under Embed an Image choose what size 
  7. Copy the code
  8. Paste into your website

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