As with all marketing tools it is important to understand how 360° Virtual Reality Tours can be used, as well where and when to share them. For this conversation I want to focus on Google. Google has a major investment into 360° Virtual Reality Tours, but they do not share their long term goals. We can look at where they have invested their time and money.

  • Google pioneered adding 360° Virtual Reality Tours to verified Google Business Listings
  • 360° Virtual Reality Tours are used in Google Searches, Google Maps, Google Street Views, and Google Earth results
  • Google is introducing new apps offering 360° experiences contained in the verified Free Google Business listings like Google Trips and Google Expeditions
  • Google also released the code so that programmers can and have created apps to access verified Google Business Listings, including 360° Virtual Reality Tours. This opens the door to anyone being able include Google Business Listings and Google 360° Virtual Realty Tours into their specialized app.

Embedding and sharing a Google 360° Virtual Tour is easy, but the tour is very, well, plain.  Designed for Google Maps a Google 360° Virtual Reality Tour is a map of the location.  It is not the story telling multi-media experience that keeps people engaged.  So what is the answer?  To do both.  As we are planning your multi-media 360° Virtual Reality Tour we make sure to include the requirements for Google's virtual tours.  Our goal is to make sure your 360° Virtual Reallity Tour is used in as many ways as possible.  As a Google Trusted Photographer we can add your 360° Virtual Reality Tour to your verified Google Business Listing. If you have not claimed your Free Google Business Listing we can help with that as well. 

The end goal is to offer the best multi-media 360° virtual reality tour, rich in color, texture and sound for your website. From your website it can be accessed by cell phones, tablets, tv's and virtual reality headsets.  We also use the power of Google's networking to bring people to your website - where they can see the multi-media virtual tour. Contact us to learn more. Call (406) 396-0888 or use our Contact Form.

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