Creating Content

Creating intriguing content that keeps visitors returning again and again takes time. Plus search engines check time stamps to see when a page was last updated, keeping a page up to date helps with page ranking. Our HD webcams create interesting posts 365 days a year, the only energy we expend is describing beautiful views on social media platforms.  Let's look at Tamaracks Resort, located in Seeley Lake, Montana.   

Back Links

Back link is a term used when other websites link back to your website.  Back links are very important.  Back link traffic can come from a variety of interesting and unexpected sources not considered in marketing campaigns.  Many news stations, real estate offices, fishing sites etc. link to quallity webcams.  

The Results

Developing Wings Network

The Developing Wings network has moved cameras around.  We have had cameras in St. Ignatius Montana, Ronan Montana, Twin Falls Idaho, Big Sky Montana and more.  Let's take a moment and look at the Arlee Montana live webcam.  We have a communnity of 600 - and the Arlee Montana Facebook page has over 3,500 fans.  Most come for the webcam.  To date we have over 300 Fans willing to share their location in Arlee.  

Tamaracks Resort

At this point in time (for the graph) Tamaracks Resort Live Webcam has been active and shared on Facebook for 3 months.  We share the timelapses and webcam images on Developing Wings social media network to kick start the webcam.  Then we share the best posts and Tamaracks Resort posts that would be of interest to our network.  As you can see by the graph - Tamaracks Resort has consistant branding on Facebook.  Interesting posts, the spikes, have reached a broader audience.  But the valleys - times when Tamaracks did not have any active Facebook branding are gone.  This is success!

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