Telling the Story

Imagine being able to talk to your viewers, to remind them of the benefits while they are visiting your website - regardless of the time of day.  This is how augmented reality helps bring a 360° Virtual Reality Tour to life.  It helps to tell the story. Seeing is believing, lets look at the Missoula Area Chamber.  Through the video above we explain - and show - what a room is like with and without augmented reality.

There are a few terms to learn as we plan your 360° Virtual Reality Tour - Integrated video, embedded video and embedded images.  These benefits can be displayed on your multimedia virtual tour, they cannot be displayed on a Google virtual tour quite yet.  Nor can they overlap each other. So let's look at each one 

  • Integrated Video
    • Integrated video needs to be filmed at the same time the 360° panorama is taken.  The lighting and color have to match.  The person in the image has a limited space to work within.  And, we can have more than one integrated video running at one time.  The only restriction is they cannot overlap.
  • Embedded Video
    • Embedded video can be fun.  We can add embedded video over a TV screen, computer monitor, window, walls...  Like integrated video they cannot overlap.  Almost any video can be placed in a 360° scene. If we host the video it can be changed without having to redo the virtual tour.
  • Embedded Images
    • Embedded images can be used to subtly enhance a benefit, as in our tutorial.  We remind people that the room is handicapped accessible without having to say anything. They can have a link to an external page. Like video, if we host the image it can be changed without having to redo the virtual tour.  How does this help? One suggestion would be offering a coupon or special if people go to a certain spot within the virtual tour.

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